GNS3 on Gentoo Linux

Published on Apr 03, 2014

Install and Configure GNS3

First, You should install gns3:

sudo emerge --autounmask-write gns3
sudo dispatch-conf
sudo emerge gns3

Then you need to prepare for ios images, You can download them from:

Then you should configure them:

Edit>IOS Images and Hypervisors

And calculate 'Idle PC'。

You may want to get rid of warning of baseconfig.txt, refer to:

If you are using KDE, you may use konsole's preconfigured terminal commands.

Edit>Preferences>General>Terminal Settings

You need to install and configure virtualbox at Edit>Preferences>VirtualBox:

  • modify Path to vboxwrapper to:


  • emerge virtualbox with sdk and python USE flags
  • install vboxapi:

    cd usr/lib/virtualbox/sdk/installer export VBOX\INSTALL\PATH=/usr/lib/virtualbox/ python install

  • install xdotool(It's quite an interesting tool!) sudo emerge xdotool
  • add virtual system: Edit>Preferences>VirtualBox>VirtualBox Guest

You need to install qemu at Edit>Preferences>Qemu:

  • modify Path to qemu:


  • modify path to qemuwrapper to:


  • kernel should support kvm-intel:

    ⮀ ~ ⮀ lsmod|grep kvm kvm\intel 117933 0 kvm 225670 1 kvm\intel

  • and add you user to:

    gpasswd -a username kvm

  • add virtual system, which can be vdi
  • If you want to use PIX firewall, download pemu from Sourceforge and cp them to the directory which has You can reffer to:
  • if you re-compile kernel, don't forget to re-compile kernel modules for virtualbox and modprobe them

More configuration

More configuration and downloads(I tried and failed, do not know what is actually is and how to use it):

A Simple Test

  • Calc idle PC, very important!!

configure the router with the help of OSPF configure(中文)

A better choice to learn without these configuration, try GNS3 WorkBench