I'm back again

Published on Jun 24, 2019

Bring This Blog Back

After nearly three years' break for blogging, I finally back here.

Open a terminal, git clone my blog system develop as a game 3 years ago.

I read the README file, it tells me to npm install.

but my system complained that no command npm found.

Aha! I haven't write a single line of web frontend code for nearly three years except some xss code, but I still know what npm it is.

I know I should install Nodejs first, so I typed:

sudo apt install -y nodejs

Minutes passed by, a fresh new Nodejs was installed. I was satified as if I met a old friend.

I typed the command

npm install

However, it surpised me that no npm is installed when nodejs installed on my system.Ok, ok

sudo apt install -y npm

Three years has passed, I dont know whether my code still works. I remember in nodejs world, code quality is always suspectable, poor api compatibility and radical development will always bite you hard.

Nevertheless, three years has passed. I choose the nodejs and npm bundled with ubuntu(however in subsystem), It may be the nodejs/npm version I write my blog system three years ago, who knows.

Everything went smoothly, so I just typed:

npm install

I've heard from colleagues work on web frontend development that npm has change alot since I leave. developers add more feature and it has become a quick, flexible and robust package manager for nodejs. Even better than yarn. When the last time I work as a FE worker, the speed yarn handle things makes me appreciate, despite I prefer npm more.

But it was still slow, I checked the dependencies and thought some may work or not. It will really comfort to the semantic version? ten minutes passed, the installation process failed.

I didnt really understand the error log, it couldt find files? but I think it will just disapear if I retry, as my experience in programming told me.

And it truly disapear…

then I added some of my never published posts and begin

npm build

I hope it work, but half of the hour passed, I even finished this post, in which to announce I'm backing.

It still not finish building.

I suspect it will never finish for some unknown breaking changes.

Later Posts

Maybe some posts on cryptography.

I walked through Dan Boneh's Cryptography again after coursera delete and recreate this course.

It looks like a new course for me, I've forgot nearly everything. If I didnt find a passing course email received in year 2013, hardly could I believe I've passed this course ever.

Another interesting things I messed with these months is a crypto challenge. It worth you making you hands dirty if you are interested in cryptography.

I'm curious about all of this and that magics around the world. However, I have to denote nearly all my energy into work, and its really hard to make time to learn magic things and enjoy them after a day of working.

I hate work definately, but it really feeds me so I don't have to worry about food and shed.

Hack for fun, Work for live.

Oh, god. the blog system wakeup from three years ago is still building my posts.

Then I find I just suspend terminal for windows subsystem is a little wired, when you click a running terminal, it will suspend it…

Hollyshit! The blog system still works and runs as quickly as a lightning!

Honor to amazing javascript community.